Martes, Setyembre 9, 2014

Lakbay aral sa Maynila

    Noong lakbay aral sa Maynila pumunta muna kami sa Chinatown. Kami ay bumili ng mga gamit sa mga bilihan doon sa Chinatown. Marami ako nakita na mga tao galing sa China.Nakita ko yung pinagtaguan ng script ng Noli mi Tanghere.Pumunta kami sa Binondo church. Sa susunod pumunta kami sa Estero at doon kami kumain.                                                                                                                                                   Sunod pumunta kami sa Luneta ng sandali. Ako at ang mga kaibigan ko ay naglaro.                                        Naglakad kami papunta ng National museum.Natutunan ko na may  3 buildings ang National museum.  Nakita ko din ang treasures of San Diego, marami pa kami na nakita na bago. pagkatapos pumunta na kami balik sa Raya.                                              

Biyernes, Marso 14, 2014


Ang France ay may hotels , products at shops . Ang capital ng France ay Paris. Maraming mga chateau sa France. Ang ibig sabihin ng chateau ay malaking country house. Ang mga hotel sa France ay Lyon , Marseille at Gites  les Camelias, at iba pa. Ang mga  products ay electrical goods, interior furniture, Loreal at kitchen items.

Miyerkules, Marso 12, 2014


Ang nagustuhan ko sa entrep fair ay ang minute to win it . Nanalo ako sa siko piso hindi sa ping pong ball. Nasarapan ako sa ice candy. Nanood kami ng pixar movies nina lina at thea . bumili ako ng purple slime.

Lunes, Pebrero 24, 2014


I wish I had one thousand five hundred crabs. I will eat five each meal everyday. I wish to go to the beach. I will ride a boat and search for crabs. Oh, crabs make me happy and hungry because they are yummy!

Crabs live in the sea. Some of them are in riverbanks, sands and rocks while others live in mangroves. I learned that crabs live no longer than three years. They are called decapods because they have 10 legs. I also learned that the crab’s teeth are in their stomachs and if the crab loses its claw, the claw grows back. Amazing! The crab’s scientific name is Callinectes sapidus. It means beautiful swimmer. There are many kinds of crabs. Some crabs are orange, blue, red, tan, yellow and white. There are also small, medium and large crabs. I read that crabs walk and swim sideways. Bizarre! It is a difficult word that means odd, weird or so different.

When I was four years old, I made a painting of my favorite food. I drew pizza, grapes, crab, cupcake, orange and a glass of Mountain Dew. But the crab was the largest of them all. Its color is red orange. Somebody asked me how much was my painting. I said it is not for sale because I want to see my crab every day.

Daddy always buys me some crabs. One day, a crab that did not want to be cooked bit him. Ouch! said Daddy.  I gave Daddy Betadine, cotton and Band Aid.  I also hugged him. Daddy loves me so much.  I love him too.

Good night. 

Miktam 2/23/14

Linggo, Pebrero 9, 2014

Manila Zoo

We visited Manila Zoo last February 6, 2014. It was Thursday. A zoo short for zoological park or menagerie. It is a place where we see animals. Menagerie means a collection of animals to be shown to many people. It is a French word. 

In Manila Zoo, we met an elephant named Mali. She is 38 years old. She came from Thailand. She has a long nose and large, floppy ears. Mali eats bark, grass and fruits. She is the only elephant there. It makes me cry because Mali is lonely. she is also old. While Mali was eating she was like sleeping. She was only staying in one place. 

Next, we wen to see the snakes. I saw the snake that was hard to see. Aah, I also saw a long cobra. It was crawling towards me. Some snakes are put in bottles to be snake wine like the one I saw in Strawberry farm in Bagiuo. The snakes in Manila Zoo are slow moving. There are many snakes there. I  have seen many types in the zoo. Some said snakes are medicine. I though they are poison!

I saw some turtles but they were sleeping so I went to the crocodiles. Uh! The crocodiles were also asleep. We saw some frogs in the lake. I saw a deer eating some leaves. Oh, red faced monkeys! Lion! Waa! There was a lion in the cage. Haahaa! Wow, a zebra walking around in circles. There were also tiger but they were asleep. Roar! One, two three, four, five, six seven, eight. Ah, so many tigers. Oh, there was a dolphin. I could not see clearly. Was there a dolphin? Yey, ice cream. Umm yummy! It was time to go home. 

When I went home, mom asked me what I learned during the field trip. She asked me what was the difference between a zoo and a jungle. I thought. Animals are happier in the jungle because they can do anything in the jungle. They are free to go around. Birds can fly. Monkeys can swing in the vines. Mali can be with other elephants. In the zoo, animals are lonely even if they make us happy.

Miktam 2/9/14